• Dr. Trayaurus, one of Dan's many friends and pals, he's is in most of Dan's mod reviews, and you can find him in his Custom Mod adventures. For a couple of his first videos in the old days of the dimondminecart he had a brown lad coat. He's sometimes a player in morph mod, but mostly an custom NPC, which you can find in the description of his videos.
  • Grim, his skeleton-dog companion, in most mod showcases, sometime often goes with DanTDM on an adventure. He was killed when Trayaurus put him in his duplicate machine that accidentally turn him into bones. However, Trayaurus soon build a machine that could revive Grim from the dead. The machine worked, however, left him as skeleton. Grim also never dies.
  • Craig The Mailman, a character who occasionally delivers crafting ingredients like he did in the iPod Mod. He seems mildly insane, and grunts. He is a reoccurring character, and rarely takes a big part in videos.
  • McDuck, a chicken which is appears extremely rarely in the DanTDM videos. It's last apprenence was in "TRAYAURUS' OPERATION". And was also found by "Dimension Doors Mod"!
  • Denton, introduced in the Mutant Bugs mod. He got fired and is now portrayed as somewhat of a villain in the Secret Agent mod and the Robot Supersuit mod. He is very evil and the villian Iron Man, an Iron Golem who lives in Dan's Xbox Survival Series. The first iron golem to be spawned was Iron Man.
  • Fake TDM and Trayarus, from the fake lab. Dan captured them in his custom modded adventure series.