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Denton is the main antagonist of The Diamond Minecart. He was first introduced in the Mutant Bugs Mod, but got fired by Dan. Because of this, Denton became evil and angry at Dan. Denton makes his appearance in the Spies mod where he takes control of the lab. After Dan finds out he uses the explosive device to kill him. He also tried to destroy a city but failed in the Robot Suits Mod review. He also kidnapped Trayaurus during the i53 (Insomnia 53) gaming festival and Dan got some fans up on stage to help kill Denton's minions and free Trayaurus. Denton also has a recognizably deeper voice than Trayaurus'.

In Dr Trayaurus' Christmas Countdown 2014, Trayaurus' 1st gift is an elf called Finn a robot elf who is controlled by Denton. In the 4th day, Dan gets a reindeer named Frosty. Denton instructs Finn to take Frosty away. He then appears after or before an episode of the Christmas Countdown 2014, TDM is dead in the series but seemed to be killed when Dan used TNT (as supplied by Frosty the Reindeer) to destroy him and Finn. He appears yet again In The London Robbery Adventure at Minecon and Dan seemed to kill him by knocking him off Big Ben. This is probably not the last of him though. 

However it may not be the last we see of him... 

Denton is very similar looking to Trayaurus, which he could use to his advantage.