The Minecraft Xbox Survival is a series created by Dan on his channel. It is a let's play/let's build on the Xbox version of Minecraft.

The TDMPire Edit

The TDMPire is the huge city/empire that Dan is building in his Xbox series. Every episode, he adds or completes a new building or area. He expands it very fast, but still tries to make it look cool and nice.

Structures Edit

These are a few of the main buildings of the TDMPire :

  • Dan's house
  • The barn
  • The market place
  • The police station
  • Grim's ship
  • The cake bakery
  • and more...
  • jrfjer

Inhabitants Edit

  • Dan
  • Boris
  • Oliver
  • Olivia
  • Casper
  • Mika

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