Joseph Garrett, a.k.a. Stampy Cat, has appeared in three of Dan's videos so far. The first is a video on Mario Kart 8, in which the two race. Stampy plays as Baby Luigi, and Dan plays as Shy Guy. Dan won the race... and not that much time later Dan and Stampy are playing with each other once more... and competing! Stampy and Dan play Hunger games, and Dan died at the hands of nitro Luke and Stampy both fighting Dan, but Nitrro Luke with the last hit. Then, Dan's killer defeated Stampy as well... but Stampy was victorious against Dan! In their latest video together Dan and Vikkstar play Build Battle against Stampy and Sqaishey Quack, where they had to build an exploding creeper... and sadly... Dan and Vikkstar lost to Stampy and Sqaishey! In the end of the video Dan and Stampy shake hands, Stampy was pretending to be scared, and Dan held up his fist! Also, Stampy makes a vague appearance in one of Dan's MoreTDM videos, with IBallisticSquid, and Stampy jokes as Dan and IBallisticSquid joke about doing the opposite of what Stampy tells them to do... he yells, "No snogging in the corridors!"